Street Art Tours

by Krešimir Golubić
Graffiti and Street art artist

Zagreb Street Art Tour

The concept of the guided tour intended for domestic and foreign tourists is to get familiar with Graffiti Art and Street Art culture through a walking tour around the city center lasting up to 3 hours where we visit a dozen selected locations.

Guests will hear all about the history of graffiti and the origins of street art starting from the USA and New York in the period from the seventies through Europe in the eighties all the way to Croatia and Zagreb today.

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Krešimir Golubić, Graffiti and Street art artist has been working on the scene for 30 years, and with his experience on the domestic and international scene he will guide you on this interesting and unique tour.

We will visit;

  • Jurišićeva Street
  • Ban Jelačić Square
  • Dolac market, Tkalčićeva street i Radićeva Street
  • Zakmardijeve Stairs
  • Gradec
  • Opatovina Park
  • Art Park
  • Vlaška Street
  • Martićeva Street

The meeting place and the beginning of the tour is in front of the Tourist Information Center on Ban Josip Jelačić Square  Nr 11.

Book your tourstarting from 30 EUR
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ZAGREB Graffiti & Street Art Guide - Magazine

The printed edition of the Guide on about forty pages is a cross-section of works by the Zagreb graffiti and street art scene in the period 2023-2024. year. In addition to the works themselves, in the guide you will find links (QR codes) to street artists who are presented through their works.

The purpose of the guide is to present the street art scene in Zagreb as well as to document the works created in the period 2023-24 in Zagreb.

Buy guide online

Or you can get the first edition of this unique printed guide at

  • ROCKMARK Bookstore – Ulica Hrvatske bratske zajednice 4, Zagreb
  • Dirty Old Shop – Tratinska 18, Zagreb
  • Vuković & Runjić   Bookstore, Ulica Nikole Tesle 16, Zagreb
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